MicroUSB cable price and features

MicroUSB cable is the most popular style for Android phone’s charge and data link.

Why there are so much price difference  for microusb cables from different manufactures? Quality? or other factors? Let me show you something –

Product one-

Android microUSB cable

Color: red 185C

Factory price:  USD 0.60

Current: 2.1A

Length: 1 meter



TPE cable

PVC USB plug plastic part

4-core / 60 pieces of small copper wires

Can RFID be implemented for forklift trajectory record?

We have one plant which is 300 meters long and 200 meters wide. We need to achieve 30 forklift trajectory record. Can RFID be implemented? How much does it cost?

RFID does not work. Use the electronic fence would be good, with the positioning algorithm.

Electronic fence is something similar to GPS, base on the principle of the station positioning. Those 4 corner is a small base station, through the algorithm positioning.

3-in-1 charge cable 2A or 0.65A?

Is the 2A charge cable with 3 charging sub-cables always be 2 amp in actual usage?

The fact is that 2A is only valid when there is only one smart device is charged.

When 2 device are charged,the current for each is not more than 1A.

When 3 sub-cables are used for 3 smart phones or tablet or game machine,the current for each is 0.65A.

Signal cable

The signal cable mainly refers to the line in the electrical control circuit for transmitting the sensing information and the control information. Signal lines are often a number of cable lines constitute a bundle or multiple transmission lines, can also be arranged in the printed circuit board in the printed line, with the technology and application of continuous progress, the signal line has been developed by the metal carrier for the other Carrier, such as cable. Different use of the signal line often have different industry standards, in order to standardize the production and application.